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Custom Hardware

We help in designing the optimal hardware to support your business needs.



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Mobile Apps

Companion apps to view your information wherever ever you are on your Smartphone.



Setup triggers or rules for notifications via Push, Email, SMS, Etc...



Information is Securly Encryption on the network at all times.


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We provide help and support for all our solutions to our customers.

About LoRaWAN

A LoRaWAN wide area network allows low bit rate communication from and to connected objects, thus participating to Internet of Things, machine-to-machine M2M, and Smart City. This technology is standardized by the LoRa Alliance. LoRaWAN has several different classes of end-point devices to address the different needs reflected in the wide range of applications. Bi-directional end-devices (Class A) End-devices of Class A allow for bi-directional communications whereby each end-device's uplink transmission is followed by two short downlink receive windows. Bi-directional end-devices with scheduled receive slots (Class B) In addition to the Class A random receive windows, Class B devices open extra receive windows at scheduled times. Bi-directional end-devices with maximal receive slots (Class C) End-devices of Class C have nearly continuously open receive windows, only closed when transmitting.


Remote Metering

Monitoring Power and Water Usage Remotely. A LoRaWAN unit is fitted onto the existing Hardware and the information is uploaded using the LoRaWAN network to store information in the Cloud.

GPS Tracking

A LoRaWAN unit is fitted onto the existing Hardware and the information is uploaded using the LoRaWAN network to store information in the Cloud.

Weather Station

Collect weather information from multiple sources and remote locations using LoRaWAN Long Range and Long Battery.

Home Automation

LoRaWAN is ideal for any Home Automation. The Long Range and Long Battery usage means wires are a thing of the past.

Custom Solutions

We assist in building a Custom Solution that fit your needs and works seamlessly with your existing business model.

About Silico

At Silico utilizing the Internet of Things to provide innovative solutions is a everyday thing for us. Our experience combined with our library of technology modules means we can tailor build hardware and software solutions for your unique situation. We've built solutions with technologies that include Remote Metering, Bluetooth Low Energy, GSM Connectivity, Single Board Computers and custom designed Embedded Hardware Units.


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